Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Abbreviations of Computer Related Terms: Alphabet-B

BAL—Basic Assembly Language
Bash—Bourne-again shell
BASIC—Beginner's All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BBP—Baseband Processor
BBS—Bulletin Board System
BCD—Binary Coded Decimal
BCNF—Boyce-Codd normal form
BEEP—Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol
BER—Bit Error Rate
BFD—Bidirectional Forwarding Detection
BFD—Binary File Descriptor
BFS—Breadth-First Search
BFT—Byzantine Fault Tolerant
BGP—Border Gateway Protocol
BINAC—Binary Automatic Computer
BIND—Berkeley Internet Name Domain
BIOS—Basic Input Output System
BJT—Bipolar Junction Transistor
bit—binary digit
Blob—Binary large object
Blog—Web Log
BMP—Basic Multilingual Plane
BNC—Bayonet Neill-Concelman
BOINC—Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing
BOM—Byte Order Mark
BOOTP—Bootstrap Protocol
BPDU—Bridge Protocol Data Unit
BPEL—Business Process Execution Language
BPL—Broadband over Power Lines
bps—bits per second
BRR—Business Readiness Rating
BSA—Business Software Alliance
BSB—Backside Bus
BSD—Berkeley Software Distribution
BSoD—Blue Screen of Death
BSS—Block Started by Symbol
BTAM—Basic Telecommunications Access Method
BYOD—Bring Your Own Device


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