Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Abbreviations of Computer Related Terms: Alphabet-I

I²C—Inter-Integrated Circuit
IANA—Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
iBCS—Intel Binary Compatibility Standard
IBM—International Business Machines
IC—Integrated Circuit
ICANN—Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
ICE—In-Circuit Emulator
ICE—Intrusion Countermeasure Electronics
ICMP—Internet Control Message Protocol
ICP—Internet Cache Protocol
ICT—Information and Communication Technology
IDE—Integrated Development Environment
IDE—Integrated Drive Electronics
IDF—Intermediate Distribution Frame
IDL—Interface Definition Language
IDS—Intrusion Detection System
IE—Internet Explorer
IEC—International Electrotechnical Commission
IEEE—Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IETF—Internet Engineering Task Force
IFL—Integrated Facility for Linux
IGMP—Internet Group Management Protocol
IGRP—Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
IHV—Independent Hardware Vendor
IIOP—Internet Inter-Orb Protocol
IIS—Internet Information Services
IL—Intermediate Language
IM—Instant Messaging
IMAP—Internet Message Access Protocol
IME—Input Method Editor
INFOSEC—Information Systems Security
IP—Intellectual Property
IP—Internet Protocol
IPC—Inter-Process Communication
IPL—Initial Program Load
IPO—Inter Procedural Optimization
IPP—Internet Printing Protocol
IPS—Intrusion Prevention System
IPsec—Internet Protocol security
IPTV—Internet Protocol Television
IPX—Internetwork Packet Exchange
IR—Intermediate Representation
IRC—Internet Relay Chat
IrDA—Infrared Data Association
IRI—Internationalized Resource Identifier
IRP—I/O Request Packet
IRQ—Interrupt Request
IS—Information Systems
ISA—Industry Standard Architecture
ISA—Instruction Set Architecture
ISAM—Indexed Sequential Access Method
ISC—Internet Storm Center
iSCSI—Internet Small Computer System Interface
ISDN—Integrated Services Digital Network
ISO—International Organization for Standardization
ISNS—Internet Storage Name Service
ISP—Internet Service Provider
ISPF—Interactive System Productivity Facility
ISR—Interrupt Service Routine
ISV—Independent Software Vendor
IT—Information Technology
ITIL—Information Technology Infrastructure Library
ITL—Interval Temporal Logic
ITU—International Telecommunication Union
IVRS-Interactive Voice Response System


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