Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Abbreviations of Computer Related Terms: Alphabet-N

NACK—Negative ACKnowledgement
NAK—Negative AcKnowledge Character
NaN—Not a Number
NAS—Network-Attached Storage
NASM—Netwide ASseMbler
NAT—Network Address Translation
NCP—NetWare Core Protocol
NCQ—Native Command Queuing
NCSA—National Center for Supercomputing Applications
NDPS—Novell Distributed Print Services
NDS—Novell Directory Services
NEP—Network Equipment Provider
NetBIOS—Network Basic Input/Output System
NEXT—Near-End CrossTalk
NFA—Nondeterministic Finite Automaton
NFS—Network File System
NGSCB—Next-Generation Secure Computing Base
NI—National Instruments
NIC—Network Interface Controller
NIM—No Internal Message
NIST—National Institute of Standards and Technology
NLP—Natural Language Processing
NLS—Native Language Support
NP—Nondeterministic Polynomial time
NPL—Netscape Public License
NPU—Network Processing Unit
NSA—National Security Agency
NSPR—Netscape Portable Runtime
NMI—Non-Maskable Interrupt
NNTP—Network News Transfer Protocol
NOC—Network Operations Center
NOP—No OPeration
NOS—Network Operating System
NPTL—Native POSIX Thread Library
NSS—Novell Storage Service
NSS—Network Security Services
NSS—Name Service Switch
NT—New Technology
NTFS—NT Filesystem
NTLM—NT Lan Manager
NTP—Network Time Protocol
NUMA—Non-Uniform Memory Access
NURBS—Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline
NVR—Network Video Recorder
NVRAM—Non-Volatile Random Access Memory


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