Saturday, August 4, 2012

How to Keep Your Mac Safe and Secure

By Courtnie Packer


Malicious threats that destroy and steal your personal information increase every day. Without proper protection, these threats can infect your computer and cause serious harm. While Macs are much less susceptible to malware and other dangerous programs, they are not completely safe. Hackers are now creating viruses and other dangerous programs to target these computing devices.

Mac antivirus software is an excellent option for ensuring your device is well protected. One virus can cause a multitude of problems on your computer, so it is crucial you find a Mac antivirus application that will protect you from any type of malicious threat. But even with this security software, there are several other steps you should take to keep that one virus from infecting your entire system. Below are a few basic security tips for keeping your Mac and your personal information safe.

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Apply new updates and upgrades
Apple has designed the Mac computer so it is easy to view any new updates that are available. It is vital that you keep your security tools updated to protect your computer from any new threat that may be roaming around the cyber world. You can check for updates manually by choosing the Apple menu on the desktop and clicking software update. Your Mac will then find any upgrades that need to download.

Back up your data
When working with both PCs and Macs, you will constantly be advised to back up your data. This is crucial for keeping all of your data safe. This ensures that you have a copy of all your files in case your security is breached or your computer crashes. Mac OS X features a backup program called Time Machine. Once this program is installed properly, your files are automatically backed up and secure. Just make sure to take the time to install Time Machine on your device and check back regularly to ensure that everything is working properly.

Secure your wireless network
Wireless networks provide convenient web access as far as your router can send a signal. Even though this large range makes it possible for you to work and play on your computer in a wide variety of locations, the wide range makes it possible for other individuals to enjoy your wireless network as well. Unfortunately, it is easy for hackers to enter your network and steal your valuable information. When installing your wireless network, make sure you have a secure password. You can even add access control features, which filters who has access to your network.

Use a firewall
A firewall is a great shield in keeping outsiders out. A firewall prevents hackers from accessing files and documents on your Mac. You can find strong firewall protection through many of the Mac antivirus applications available on the market.

Only download from trusted sites
When downloading different applications and software onto your Mac, ask yourself a few questions: Is this content safe? Am I downloading from a trusted source? Is this a sketchy website? There are many different questions you can ask yourself, and if the answer is no to any of the above questions, you are smart to avoid downloading and installing the application onto your computer. Trusted sites can make all the difference in keeping your data safe, and even just one mishap can cause you to lose all your data and other personal information.




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