Thursday, August 2, 2012

Abbreviations of Computer Related Terms: Alphabet-V

Abbreviations of Computer Related Terms: Alphabet-V
VAX—Virtual Address eXtension
VCPI—Virtual Control Program Interface
VR—Virtual Reality
VRML—Virtual Reality Modeling Language
VB—Visual Basic
VBA—Visual Basic for Applications
VBS—Visual Basic Script
VDSL—Very High Bitrate Digital Subscriber Line
VESA—Video Electronics Standards Association
VFAT—Virtual FAT
VFS—Virtual File System
VG—Volume Group
VGA—Video Graphics Array
VHF—Very High Frequency
VLAN—Virtual Local Area Network
VLSM—Variable Length Subnet Mask
VLB—Vesa Local Bus
VLF—Very Low Frequency
VLIW—Very Long Instruction Word
VLSI—Very-Large-Scale Integration
VM—Virtual Machine
VM—Virtual Memory
VNC—Virtual Network Computing
VOD—Video On Demand
VoIP—Voice over Internet Protocol
VPN—Virtual Private Network
VPU—Visual Processing Unit
VSAM—Virtual Storage Access Method
VSAT—Very Small Aperture Terminal
VT—Video Terminal?
VTAM—Virtual Telecommunications Access Method