Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Learn How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog

Blogging has nothing to do with that baseball movie that quotes “If you build it they will come” that couldn’t be further from the truth because now you’ve built your blog it’s now time to learn how to get more traffic to your blog.


You could have the best blog with the best content and the best sales process in place but if you don’t have any traffic (Visitors) to your site no one will ever find it and opt in to your list or even purchase the products that you offer on your blog.
Which would mean all the hard work that you put into building your blog and creating content etc would have been a waste of time.

You need to learn how to get more traffic to your blog.

This is the reason why I’m creating this post today because I want to share the How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog “NO BS” Formula that I’ve been using to get around 50,000 monthly visitors to my personal blog www.billeebrady.com and here’s the proof it works:

learn how to get more traffic to your blog

Without further ado let’s get stuck into it!

How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog “NO BS” Formula

How to get more traffic to your blog: Step 1 – Article Directories
You can write niche targeted articles with links to your blog in the resources box then post them to the top article directories that way you can not only tap into the traffic on these articles directory sites you can also get your articles ranked on the first page of google if you follow the basic search engine optimization (SEO) steps that I teach here.
For more training on article marketing check out this free webinar.

How to get more traffic to your blog: Step 2 – Video Sharing Sites (YouTube)
Did you know that You tube is the 3rd most trafficked site on the internet so needless to say You tube is a great way to drive a ton of targeted traffic to your blog, in order to do this you can create videos and post them to not only You tube to capitalize on the mammoth amount of traffic on that site alone you can also submit your videos to other video sharing site such as Viddler, Vimeo, etc.
Obviously when submitting your videos you want to add a link to your blog and even a capture page in the description box so you have a way of directing this traffic back to your blog.
For training on how to use You tube to drive ton’s of targeted traffic and generate ton’s of leads click here.

How to get more traffic to your blog: Step 3 – Social Sites
Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Myspace, etc are a great way to drive traffic to your blog and all you have to do is connect with link minded people and share your links to the blog posts that you create.
If you write interesting headlines and content you will find it to be a pretty easy process to build up a readership through the social networks and who knows you may even makes some great connections with this strategy.
To put your social media marketing on steroids you can use a service such as Tribepro where you can have hundreds even thousands of people sharing your content throughout their social networks to drive hordes of traffic back to your blog, check out this video and you will know exactly what I mean.

How to get more traffic to your blog: Step 4 – Blog Commenting
You can tap into the traffic of other blogs by just commenting on their posts sounds easy enough doesn’t it!? Well it is, because you will get traffic coming back to your blog just by people reading your comments and clicking on your name.
If you want a better result from this strategy you need to contribute to the value of the post by leaving a constructive comment and also try and create curiosity so they click on your name and go through to your blog.
Feel free to capitalize on the traffic from my blog by leaving a comment below.

How to get more traffic to your blog: Step 5 – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
This is hands down my favorite strategy for driving highly targeted traffic to my blog because you have total control over the type of traffic you want coming to your blog.
In a nutshell SEO is basically all about creating content (Blog posts, Videos, Articles, Etc) around specific keywords that your target market would be typing into google and then getting your content on the first page of google that way you can position yourself directly in front of your target market.
By learning SEO you can create residual traffic, leads and sales by dominating the first pages of the search engines I not only teach exactly how to do this step by step I also teach how to build a passive residual income at the same time if you’re interested click here and go through that site.

How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog Conclusion

Now that you know the strategies that I’ve been using to get around 50,000 monthly visitors to my blog all that’s left is to create a daily action plan and be CONSISTENT with your daily actions.
Action Plan Example:
  • Create an SEO’d blog post targeting a keyword that’s within your niche and get’s a lot of traffic with little competition.
  • Spin it and post to articles directories.
  • Create a video about your post and submit to You tube.
  • Share throughout the social networks by either doing it manually or submitting to Tribepro.
  • Spend 30-60 minutes per day commenting a blogs within your niche.
  • Build backlinks to your blogposts, articles and videos.
If you stay consistent with this daily action plan for the next 100 days your traffic will go through the roof and if you have your blog setup correctly so will your income.
Want more in depth training?
Then click here and I will send you step by step videos on how to do all of this while building a passive residual income through blogging.




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